Weee / ElektroG

Compliance with Wee and ElektroG

The European Weeee guideline (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) was carried out by the law on placing on the market, the withdrawal and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic devices (Electrical and electronic device law- ElektroG) implemented in German law. The guideline and the electrog mean electrically operated devices of all kinds. Or put it simply: everything that needs and consumes electricity.

Neonwords is at the “Electric device Foundation Register“(EAR) with the Weee-Reg. No. 41446050 registered. The EAR is the common position of the manufacturer in the sense of the ElektroG and was entrusted with the perception of sovereign tasks by the Federal Environment Agency. In this context, the foundation registers the manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices and coordinates the provision of collecting containers and the collection of old devices from public disposal institutions (ÖRE).

Goal of the ElektroG is the protection of the environment and health. In addition, it should help to protect natural resources. The basic prerequisite for this is that old devices are supplied with professional disposal and used as efficiently as possible. Therefore, every consumer is legally obliged to collect old electrical and electronic devices separately and to the return offices, e.g. B. to return recycling centers or collection points of the retail companies.

You can find an online directory of the collective and returning points here:


Guaranteed fewer waste: the packaging law

The packaging law (Package) aims to avoid or reduce the effects of packaging waste on the environment. Packaging waste should primarily be avoided and recycling should be made. In addition, the packaging law regulates the obligations that must be observed when using packaging.

Neonwords will fulfill or comply with the obligations from the PackackG and in this context has contractually obliged all suppliers to also comply with the corresponding requirements. As part of this legislation, Neonwords has registered with the central office (Lucid).

The registration number is: DE2738547126176

Neonwords has regulated the legal requirement "participation in a dual system" with Reclay Systems GmbH.


Information for the customer

Sales packaging must not be disposed of in residual waste (garbage can), but must be collected and disposed of via the existing collection systems (e.g. paper bins or yellow sack).